Oh the Grace!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Grace as a river shall flow!

-Hymns 770

This past term I was impressed with the matter of grace. As Christians we need to know what grace is. Grace isn’t something material, good luck, or getting something you deserve. But grace is the Lord Himself as life to us for our enjoyment. We see this in John 1:4, where it says, “In Him was life,” and in verse 14, it says “The Word became flesh and tabernacled (was made flesh) among us…full of grace and reality.”  Furthermore, in John 1:16, it also says that, “For of His fullness we all received grace upon grace.” You can even say that this grace is a living person, even God Himself!

According to, a “portion,” is something that allotted to a person by God. So we see that life is grace, and that grace came in and through the Lord Jesus and as we realize it grace it becomes our reality to be our portion, our enjoyment. We can receive grace as long as we exercise and touch our spirit.  As we do this get the reality of this portion of grace that is allotted to us from the Lord. 

I really enjoyed this definition of what our portion is, it is taken “Life Study of Romans, message 46.” It says that, “Our unique portion is God Himself and grace is God as our portion for our participation, experience, and enjoyment." How awesome!

We may ask, “How do I receive this grace to be my portion?” Well in receiving grace, you don’t need to labor or pay a price. Simply put, you just open and receive. Again, in John 1:16, it says that, “we have received grace upon grace,” and in Romans 5:17 we receive the abundance of grace. 

But we don’t receive grace once and claim we have grace forever, we need to experience grace every day. In the same Life Study of Romans message 46, it states, “We need to come to the very God who is grace and receive grace again and again until we are filled with grace.” This is a day by day process. In the Bible things grow by the growth in life, and subsequently by the speed of life. In 1 Corinthians 3:6 we see that God is the One who causes the growth. From the Old to the New Testament there are many cases where things grow at a ‘slow’ and steady process. This is how the Lord operates. So while it may seem you aren’t experiencing much grace or growth as you are enjoying the Lord, take heart, and exercise faith; you are experiencing grace, even abundant grace according to Romans 5:17, and this is causing you to grow.

Grace isn’t something far off, or something that is meant to be enjoyed later. It should be something we experience today. Right now!

Let us continue to enjoy grace day by day, so what we would receive grace upon grace! Hallelujah! 

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